7 Stall Luxury Restroom Trailers

Luxury Mobile Restrooms

First Class Accommodations.  For unparalleled comfort and cleanliness, Pot-O-Gold offers a variety of luxury mobile restroom trailers. Our trailers are the top of the line in portable sanitation and come in several sizes and styles to meet any of your needs.  Our fleet can cater to any event or project, including festivals, gatherings, parties, or industrial settings.

3 Womens Toilets
1 Mens Toilets
3 Mens Urinals
Flushable toilets and urinals Partitioned stalls and urinals Air conditioned and heated, climate control Private and spacious floor plans
Hand washing sinks Decorative mirrors Separate entryways for men and women
All surfaces cleaned and sanitized
Remove and properly dispose of waste
Refill anti-bacterial soap and paper towels
All areas deodorized
“It Should Shine and Sparkle!”

* Attendants available upon request

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