Lift Portable Toilet

Portable Toilets

Go Where the Work Is.  Pot-O-Gold’s Standard Portable Toilet / Porta Potty mounted with a Lifting Sling offers an affordable rental solution for your high-rise construction projects.

Galvanized steel sling for lifting with a crane or other machinery
Enclosed unit with a locking door
Single toilet seat over a 50 - 60 gallon holding tank
Non-splash urinal
Approx. 4' wide x 4' deep x 7.5' high
Wall mounted toilet paper dispenser
Entire unit is mounted on skids

Surfaces cleaned and sanitized
Remove and properly dispose of waste
Refill tank with liquid deodorizer
Restock toilet paper
Spray air deodorizer
It should shine and sparkle!

***Additional Delivery Fees Apply For Same Day Delivery
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